The Sandwich Generation

Are You Caring for an Aging Parent and Your Children?

You Are Not Alone.

Almost half the population finds itself in the “sandwich generation” – caring both for parents and children.

7 Tips for Navigating Life in the “Sandwich Generation”

  1. Have open and honest discussions about finances with your parents and siblings.
  2. Be proactive in creating a savings “emergency fund.”
  3. Set boundaries for both physical and mental space – and time.
  4. Recognize stress and stressors, and take steps to alleviate them.
  5. Learn about professionals and organizations that can provide assistance.
  6. Share care obligations for your parents with others (siblings, professionals, etc.) so you are able to spend quality time with your loved ones.
  7. Be as good to yourself as you are to your parents and children.


if this is your first time seeking home care, we’re sure it’s a difficut decision and want to research to no end the best of care is being provided. Seeking asssitance is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength and vision. Study shows 3 in 5 sandiwch caregiver have depression and 1 in 5 think of suicide bc of caring for both their children and seniuor parents.

Do you feel anxious, stressed, irritable, and at the same time guilty you are not doing enough? meanwhile, ure missing out in opportunieis at work, and social life; more than 50% of caregivers have a negative impact on their careers, 40% negatively effected their physical health, and 50% effected their mental health.

So what’s the rate of suicidal ideation among sandwich generation caregivers? A shocking 52%. Alexandra Drane highlights the significance of this number: “If you’ve thought about how you’d take your life in the last month, and you walk into a room of sandwich generation caregivers, you’re actually normal. That’s actually kind of nice to know, because most people who feel that badly put themselves into what we call ‘double jeopardy.’ They’re mad at themselves for having these thoughts.” 


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